Movies are entire universes into themselves, recently uploaded a gallery of all the covers of the books and magazines that appeared in Wes Anderson's movie The Royal Tenenbaums. 


Humans of New York

 Brandon Stanton's work is some of the most beautiful street photography I had ever seen. 
Trully amazing!Love!

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Daily inspiration: Guy Denning - drawing with rage, amongst other things


Starting a new project is sometimes difficult, but even then, it is stimulating and the most fun
'cause you can never had the clear idea of the final outcome.


- by Susan Sontag

True visions

Young, fresh and brave! My dear friend Dejan Kovacevic, a young fashion designer, who is also a very talented stylist, just updated his blog with his beautiful new designs. Check out at http://dejanfashionvision.blogspot.com/p/origin.html


LAB30100/// Agnes Vastag shows at Arnoldo Battois

At the second edition of LAB30100///FASHION AWARD the winners have the possibiltity to present their collections as guest designers at some of the most prestigious boutiques in Venise: I Love  Tourism Shop, Godi Fiorenza, Arnoldo Battois, Boudoir and Ottico Borghese.